New Trailer for Castlevania Lords of Shadow is Epic!

New Trailer for Castlevania Lords of Shadow is Epic!

Today Konami released an epic 11 minute trailer for the upcoming Castlevania Lords of Shadow game. I’m already excited like crazy for the game, so this only further solidifies the millions of reasons why Lords of Shadow needs to be in my hands right this second.

We’ve professed time and time again on World of Meh just how much we love the Castlevania series (like right here, here, here, here, here, and here), along with how we’re looking forward to this reboot of the beloved franchise, so there really is no reason for me to say much of anything to be honest.

Well, I suppose I could say more. First off, Jason Isaacs, Mr. Lucius Malfoy himself from the Harry Potter movies, is the one doing the narrating in this monstrosity. You get a real feel for the plot, who Gabriel is, the story behind it all, how combat will work, the platforming aspects they brought in, and the kind of puzzles you can expect. This is the perfect time to release something like this seeing that Lords of Shadow will be on store shelves on October 5th, which is next week for those of you who don’t keep track of that funny calendar thingy.

If you haven’t reserved a copy of this game yet, I honestly don’t know what you are waiting for. Mark my words: this will be a huge success for Konami, one of the biggest games of 2010, and the beginning of an amazing new chapter in what is already one of the best video game franchises to have ever been created.

So, enough of my rambling, on to the good stuff!

  • Kyle

    Just so you know, I totally call the review for this. Call it now. Right now. You all see me call this, right? Right. I’m doing this bad boy. Come on Tuesday…

  • Chris

    Oh, man. I’m so glad nobody called dibs on this review yet! I totally call dibs! Man, if someone else wanted to review this, they should have said something!

    • Kyle

      I hate you forever.

      See this?

      All of my hate.


  • Mike

    Anyone know which song it is in the beginning of this? I LOVE it

    • If my memory serves me correct, that is the beginning of Simon’s Theme from Super Castlevania IV, just changed to where the intro of the tune is drawn out more.

      Compare the first few seconds of each video and you’ll see. Obviously the music in the link I just posted will be different since it’s a MIDI, but the notes are still similar.

      • Mike

        Thanks for your reply! I did check out super castlevania 4 before I posted, but I don’t think this is the same song. I have heard the one in this video before just cna’t remember where.

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