New Voltron Movie Looks Awfully Transformers To Me

New Voltron Movie Looks Awfully Transformers To Me

JoBlo has some concept art from the in-the-works Voltron movie. It looks like it came right out of a Michael Bay movie, complete with incredibly complicated robot lions and lots of lens flare.

Now I don’t remember a lot about the Voltron cartoon, save for that the toys were awesome and it was like Power Rangers before there were Power Rangers. But still, giant robots, am I right? Giant robots are always awesome. Yes, even in Bay’s Transformers movies. I will defend those pieces of crap until my dying breath. Even when the director is trying his damnedest to make us hate giant robots by giving them testicles (I really hate that I had to just write that sentence…), the pure awesomeness of giant robots beating the ever loving crap out of each other still wins out in the end. Which is one of the reasons I’m so excited that Voltron is getting the big screen live action treatment. Its giant robots without Michael Bay giving them balls! I like this concept!

Well, maybe I should backtrack a bit. The movie isn’t technically in production yet. This is part of a big pitch being done by Atlas Entertainment. They’ve got concept art (see below) and screenwriters involved in convincing the studio that this is a thing they must do. Who are the screenwriters? Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, writers of the new Conan movie as well as the in development Doctor Strange and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune adaptations. That resume is pretty damn good if you ask me.

So check out the art below. Watch as the red lion forms the arm (or is he trying to claw the Statue of Liberty’s eyes out?) and the yellow lion tackles the Robeast.

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