Premiere: Criminal Minds “The Longest Night”

Premiere: Criminal Minds “The Longest Night”

I commented yesterday about how I didn’t feel House, M.D.’s season premier was “premier worthy”. Well, if you didn’t know what I meant – watch this show!

The season premier of Criminal Minds, which aired last night, is a continuation from the finale. In the finale, we see a police officer get killed in front of his daughter and sister, and the FBI’s Agent Morgan bound and left helpless, while “The Prince of Darkness” takes the daughter as a hostage, leaving Agent Morgan and his hostage’s Aunt alive.

The story continues as it  follows the psychotic thoughts and reasoning behind the “UnSub’s” murders, which apparently take place only during blackouts in Los Angeles. In the end, it’s up to JJ, the Communications Liaison, to save the little girl’s life by trying to reach out to a murderer she admittedly feels no sympathy for.

Question is, will the story be a happy or a sad ending? If you missed it, you should bake some cookies for the friend of yours with the DVR and catch the season premier! Enjoy!

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