Premier: House, M.D. “Now What?”

Premier: House, M.D. “Now What?”

Last season ended with Dr. House and Dr. Cuddy holding hands and exploring the possibilities of a relationship hours after Dr. House lost a patient he was forming a bond with. The season premier was no different! (For the stragglers who haven’t seen the full episode yet, there aren’t really any spoilers. So you can enjoy, too!)

The first episode of season seven focuses, mainly, on Dr. House and Dr. Cuddy forming the grounds of their relationship. They explore the sexual side (several times, I might add) as well as the emotional and mental side of things – such as whether or not to be public.

The first episode also features Thirteen, Taub, Foreman and Chase as they try to save the hospital’s label of a level one trauma center as the only neurosurgeon is suffering from an illness, keeping his head hung low in a toilet bowl. No neurosurgeon means no ER. No ER is bad news for a hospital.

Wilson also makes an appearance, fearing House has thrown away his drug-free life to cope with the loss of a patient. When House attempts to go public with his relationship with Cuddy, Wilson is left believing House is high and delusional.

You may also remember Thirteen leaving a sealed envelope on House’s desk in the season finale. Well, the premier explores that as well, as it is revealed in the first half of the episode that Thirteen will be departing for Rome within 24hours to take part in a clinical trial for Huntington’s disease. It’s what Foreman reveals to the going away party of three that makes you wonder what Thirteen is actually up to!

Overall, I felt as though this episode was not really season premier worthy. After waiting all summer to find out about Cuddy and House as well as the contents of Thirteen’s letter to House, I’m still left asking questions. When I think of season premiers, I think of some ground-breaking jaw-dropping conclusion to all that  happened last season – I didn’t feel that way at all.

That being said – it’s House, and there isn’t enough money in this world to keep me from tuning in next week!

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