PS3makes! PS3makes Everywhere!

PS3makes! PS3makes Everywhere!

Every popular franchise ever is being HD upgraded for the PS3. I’m okay with that.

So I learned from French site Jeux Video by way of Joystiq that multiple franchises are coming to the PS3 ala God of War. Now I can’t understand that French site’s backwards commie language, but Joystiq says that the Mortal Kombat Kollection (just couldn’t resist that extra K, huh guys?) is coming out November 18th, while the Prince of Persia Trilogy, Splinter Cell Trilogy, Tom Clancy Trilogy with Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell and the Rayman Trilogy will be coming out November 4th. Wow Ubisoft. Talk about milking a good idea.

I’m definitely thinking that this is a trend that’s not going to go away. I’d expect more of these collections to pop up sometime soon. We’ve already got the Sly Cooper Collection coming, as well as the Team Ico Collection. Check below for a look at what the box art for Mortal Kombat and Prince of Persia will look like.

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