Radiant Silvergun coming to XBLA

Radiant Silvergun coming to XBLA

I’ve failed to impress upon you the adoration I have for Ikaruga.  I recognize that failing, and apologize for it.  Allow me to rectify (hehe, rectify) this by saying that I LOVE IKARUGA.  With that being said, my heart skipped a beat today when I saw that Radiant Silvergun, the game which Ikaruga drew heavily from, will be released as an exclusive to XBLA in 2011.

Radiant Silvergun was first released as an arcade game in 1998 before being ported to the Sega Saturn.  It is different from most shmups in that there are no power-ups.  You start with every available weapon in the game, and level them up as you use them, making them more powerful as you progress.  The XBLA update will include online co-op, upgraded graphics, and a new “Ikaruga” mode.  Treasure, the original developer behind both Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga, will be developing the new XBLA version of Radiant Silvergun.


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