Review: StopMotion Recorder (iPhone 4)

Review: StopMotion Recorder (iPhone 4)

The paranormal exists around us at all times.  Usually, the paranormal world does not interact directly with the normal world.  Today, however, the unusual occurred, and a ghost ate my GOD DAMN COOKIE.  Yeah, you heard me.  A ghost.  My cookie.  Consumption.  Luckily, I had the StopMotion Recorder app running on my iPhone 4, and I was able to capture this undeniable proof of paranormal interaction!

The app is very simple, but very powerful.  The manual mode gives you an on-screen grid when taking pictures and an “onion skin” view after each photo you take so that you can line up your next photo more accurately.  The automatic mode gives you many time delay options to choose from, ranging from 1 to 20 seconds between photos.  It supports use of the LED light and front-facing camera of the iPhone 4, and has built in sharing functions to upload your completed film to Flickr, TwitVid, yfrog, and YouTube, or to email or export to your camera roll.

StopMotion Recorder is a bargain in the App Store at only $0.99.  It is only compatible with iOS 4, and requires a minimum of iPhone 3G hardware to run.

-[insert I’LL GET YOU, COOKIE GHOST! here]

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