Review: Flight Doodle (iOS)

Review: Flight Doodle (iOS)

I love my iPhone. It comes everywhere with me, and when I’m sitting on the bus on the way to work, you can catch me kicking my boredom with a random game. Lately, that game has been Flight Doodle! Today, I am pleased to discuss not only how great of a game Flight Doodle is, but also how it’s gotten even better!

Flight Doodle starts off as a pretty slow-paced game, but as I was getting the hang of things, I started increasing the speed and it quickly became an intense heart-racing thrill ride!

The goal of this game is to use the tilt fuction of the iPhone to control a hot air balloon and, while it rises, avoid obstacles – such as thumb pins – while collecting power ups and boosts to help get you through the skies!

Now, EyeDip has launched an all-new Easter Egg game type called “All Out”. In this new game type, players simply try to collect as many stars as possible. You can access this new game type by inverting the iPhone while still on the menu screen.

Overall, I liked this game. It is highly addictive and definitely defeated my boredom. I liked that you could customise your character and increase or decrease your speed to meet your skill level. However, as the app states in the App Store, if you have an iPhone 3G, there have been some issues. I tried this game on my iPhone 3G, and I can attest to that! The reaction time is a little slow and often lagged. I then tried the game on an iPhone 3GS, and had no problems at all!

This game is also featured as the FreeAppADay Gold App for today! Regularly $0.99, catch EyeDip’s Flight Doodle for FREE! Then, leave a comment and let me know if you liked it!

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