Serious Sam’s Serious Steam Sale

Serious Sam’s Serious Steam Sale

I was just logging into my Steam account, and WHAT DO I SEE?!?

  ……….*deliberate pause to build suspense*……

Serious Sam HD: Gold Edition is out!!  AND ON SALE!!!

If you haven’t heard about Serious Sam HD (Erik posted an article here)

Recently Steam released Serious Sam’s First and Second encounters completely remastered using the new Serious Engine 3.  Now we have the Gold Edition!  This pack includes both HD versions AND the original versions of the game, as well as LAN support and the Serious Editor for building your own MAPS!  SERIOUSLY AWESOME!

Already purchased the HD titles during one of Steams many sales???  Not a problem!  Steam will give you gift copies of your extra games!  So for $10 you can get all four games and the map editor(that makes it like 2 bucks a game)  Go get on it!!


<really….why are you still reading this? go buy it!>


PS I have a free copy of Serious Sam HD up for grabs.  First one to call it, claims it! (keep in mind its system requirements)

  • allen

    DUDE that is totally awesome. if my computer could play that i would get them cuz those games rock.

    • Austin

      The originals will play on almost any computer, go check the link for the system needs. I think all it needs is a Pentium 4 (3 ghz) a gig of ram, and any standard video card (DX 7 or higher) your netbook should play it ^_^

      • allen

        my netbook dont have a 3d shader. so yea i cant play those on here.

        • Austin Alan

          That is what I call “sucks”

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