Sonic Free Riders aka Hoverboarding In the Living Room

Sonic Free Riders aka Hoverboarding In the Living Room

Sega has announced the all new Sonic Riders game. Finally! The new installment to the series takes the game play to an all new level that will have you dancing, erm… hoverboarding in front of everyone.

The newest installment picks up where the last left off, all of your favorite board racing characters are back and ready to show off what they’re made of. The game has the classic hoverboards but now also includes hoverbikes. All are completely customizable giving gamers a completely unique experience.

Sega decided to make this game more immersive by adding in Kinect controls. Actually, the entire game is controlled using the Kinect. You move your entire body to control you favorite Sonic characters as the game has you twisting and turning in an odd fashion that looks much like an old tribal dance. While I’m poking fun at it now, the game looks awesome and I’ll probably have a blast when it comes out.

The Sonic Riders series always had very fast paced, action oriented game play and Free Riders is shaping up to be the best in the series. Way to go Sega!

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