Too Hot for Xbox, eh?

Too Hot for Xbox, eh?

In a world where you can say or do almost anything via the internet, it’s no surprise that someone has created a game that makes even MY jaw drop! And I’m telling you – that’s hard to do!

Zombie Cow Studios has created a game that the Xbox Live Team, according to the developer, has stated would not “pass the Indie Games Peer Review process, purely due to its inherently sexual nature”.

What are they referring to by “inherently sexual nature” you ask? Well, the game is called Privates. By the name alone, I’m sure you can imagine what it’s about, but you know what they say about assuming. So, let me be the one who tells you all about it!

Privates, which is going to be a PC-only game, has players take on the role of a soldier – complete with condom protection – as they blast their way through other people and germs with teeth deep inside the warmth of (mostly) a woman’s throat and vagina. Yes – I said vagina! Now, pick your jaw up off the floor & go try it!

Privates will feature 5 levels and will be available exclusively on their website, for free! Check it out HERE and check back soon for my review of this strange-looking game!

  • Kyle


    • Sammi

      lol … it seems interesting … I’m playing it right now, so check out the review in like an hour or two! haha

  • Austin Alan

    the game is like Sex Ed, if high school health wasnt so prude (reminds me of my sex ed teacher pulling a condom over his head to prove that a guy is full of it if he says he is too big)

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