Untitled Queen Biopic Announced

Untitled Queen Biopic Announced

Freddie Mercury was the greatest rock vocalist ever.  I will not argue this in the comments.  The statement is made, and it is what will be accepted as absolute fact.  Now that we’ve gotten that bit of business out of the way, an as of yet untitled Queen biopic has been announced, with Sacha Baron Cohen signed to play Freddie Mercury, the aforementioned greatest rock vocalist EVER.  E. V. E. R.

I’m excited about this news.  I like Queen, and I know for a fact that Freddie Mercury WAS THE GREATEST ROCK VOCALIST EVER.  I think Sacha Baron Cohen can easily pull off the Freddie Mercury look, but I sincerely hope they have him lip-sync Freddie Mercury’s vocals rather than attempt them himself.  The most exciting part of the news, however, is that the remaining members of Queen (Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon) are fully behind the film, and have formed a production company to participate in the production of the film.  The film will cover “the band’s formative years, leading up to Queen’s appearance at Live Aid in 1985.”

So far, rights for the following songs have been acquired for the film, with more on the way:

  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • We Will Rock You
  • Another One Bites the Dust
  • You’re My Best Friend

To get you even more excited, here are some Queen videos from Queen’s official YouTube channel.


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  • Kyle

    “Freddie Mercury was the greatest rock vocalist ever.”

    What about Meat Loaf?

    • Meat Loaf doesn’t even come close to the epicness of Freddie Mercury, so to even try and compare the two is blasphemy. Freddie had stage presence, was a real showman, and had a seven octave range. Meat Loaf can’t even come close to that.

      Freddie > M.L – no contest.

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