Worms 2: Armageddon Review-Hey, That Rhymed!

Worms 2: Armageddon Review-Hey, That Rhymed!

This is a perfect console port of the classic PC series.

So…goodnight everybody! I’m gonna go get a sandwich now.

What? What Lindsey? No, I…I just did the review. Yes, I know its short. Yes…yes, but…no, look, its Worms. Do I…yes, I know that, but do I really need to spend time describing Worms? I just assumed…well, I was gonna go get a sandwich…hey, I’ll bring you one back and…really? You’re really gonna make me go into greater depth on Worms? Oh yes, haha, depth, digging, worms, I see what I did there. Fine. Fine…look, okay, I’ll do it. Just don’t expect a sandwich now.

So apparently I have to describe why Worms 2 on the Playstation 3 is a fantastic thing. Please forgive me. I was under the (apparently wrong) assumption that every video game player on the planet Earth had some experience with this franchise and loved it like I do. I guess just saying, “Hey guys, this is Worms” doesn’t automatically mean it is good for some people. So for you people that have no idea what Worms is…well, for one, you have my pity. Secondly, let me brief you on what this glorious franchise is all about.

Worms is about…well, worms. Well, not just worms. Worms fighting wars. These are some pissed off worms. And you, dear reader, are the general. You control the worms in a side scrolling tactical action/strategy setting. You have a team, usually of four, which you get to create. That’s the first really cool thing about Worms. You get to name your team and each of your little fighters. Then you get to customize them, giving them little hats and voices and victory dances for when they kill one of the opposing team. Hell, you even get to pick what your grave markers are. Its really awesome. I have cockney British accented worms wearing adorable top hats. And for the PS3 release you can put on new little hats like Helghast masks from Killzone or Sackboy heads from LittleBigPlanet. Those are good too. Not as good as top hats though.

So after you’re done with the adorable hat assigning you get to kill other worms. You move left and right and jump over the battlefield, lining up shots and killing other worms. You have all of the usual weapons, shotguns, bazookas, uzis, exploding sheep, the Holy Hand Grenade, you know, the usual stuff. The fun of Worms is using the right weapons or tools at the right time. For example, do you just use a standard bazooka blast to blow away a close worm, or do you spend your turn using a homing missile to try and take out a far away worm? Do you risk going in for the kill with a stick of dynamite, thus leaving yourself open to retaliation on the next turn, or do you throw an exploding sheep in there and see if that takes care of your competition? Some enemy worms are positioned in high spots, or in little hidey holes. How do you get to them? Teleport? Blowtorch through the ground? Construct girders to form a bridge? Or maybe just order an air strike and blow the land to hell. You also have to factor in wind and distance. Oh boy, to think of how many times the direction and speed of the wind has screwed up a perfectly aimed shot for me.

And that’s really all there is to it. Its fun. Its the perfect strategy game. It requires learning all the little tricks in the game and figuring out all the different weapons, but its still a game that anyone can pick up and play and instantly have fun with. Really, the only flaw I’ve seen is that the controls take some getting used to. However, as I’ve only played Worms on PC, this may cloud my judgment. It really is a perfect port. I don’t know why you’re not downloading it already. I already did, and played it, and reviewed it, so I’m done. Now I can finally get my sandwich. I know a place, makes a turkey club with cranberry mayonnaise. Its fantastic.

  • Nice review… now go in the kitchen and bring me my sammich!

  • Austin

    I want a sandwich too(I’ll help make them if you hook me up)

    wait…..are they “Frag Worm” sandwiches??

    I’ll pass, those are for the birds 😛

  • Kyle

    Nobody else is getting a sandwich! Nobody! This is my sandwich! MY SANDWICH!

    Last time I mention food around you people…

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