XBL Indie Game Overload!

XBL Indie Game Overload!

In my opinion, Indie game developers are the backbone of the gaming industry. This is where developers start and gain experience. I truly believe, as gamers, we have a responsibility to support even the smallest fish in this big ocean! So, I’m going to do my part and shed some light on a few indie games!

The first is Hypership Out of Control. Available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for only 80 points, this game will have you (and up to three friends) speeding through space in a spaceship where brakes don’t exist with the simple goal of dodging everything that comes your way and staying alive! Released on April 15 – this game truly is addicting!

The second is I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1 – which, in all its 1337 glory, actually seems kinda cool! Although I recognise the game was created to poke fun at the onslaught of zombie game, it still impresses me! It’s pretty self-explanatory – kill the zombies! Released over a year ago on August 16, 2009, – this game is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for only 80 points. The developer, Jamezila have achieved bragging rights as they have brought this game to the top, as it is currently rated the top rated game according to xbox.com.

The third game we’re going to discuss is the top downloaded game on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Staying true to the previous two games, Globe Clicker is also available for a low price of 80 points. In this game you will test your geographical skills while you click around trying to locate specific locations. Released on February 12, 2009 – this game has become the top downloaded game on the Xbox Live Marketplace!

For the cost of a chocolate bar, you can help promote indie game developement while enjoying a great game (or three!). Hope you check them all out! Enjoy!

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