Apps of Android: PicSay Pro

Apps of Android: PicSay Pro

With all of the apps coming out every day for the blooming Android App Market, few are original, less are worth using.  I’d like to take the time to showcase the individuals that rise above the crap with a brief review.  I can’t think of a better place to start than PicSay Pro.

PicSay is a powerful photo editor for it’s size.   Use it to touch up a photo, remove red eye, or add stickers and quote bubbles.  If you learn to use it’s many tools, you can create some really great effects as well.  PicSay is one of the most extensive applications I have ever seen on a smart phone.  And for a price tag of about 4 bucks, there is no reason not to have this software!

If you were amongst the people disappointed with the severely lacking Photoshop Express app by Adobe, then this is the app you wish you had.  Edit contrast, brightness, saturation.  Stretch and warp the image, re size and add borders.  If you are creative you can find so many ways to apply this software to your photos.  And when you are done, post it to your Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, or send it out as a text to your friends!

With the growing power of today’s smartphones, this kind of program is exactly what makes the line between home PC and pocket computing that much thinner. 

<Check below to see some of the things I have done with PicSay Pro and my Motorola Droid>

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