EyeDip Has A Surprise & An Update!

EyeDip Has A Surprise & An Update!

EyeDip has news for us! They have an  upcoming update for two of it’s games – Flight Doodle, which I reviewed a few weeks ago, and Pocket Devil, which I have yet to play! Chris reviewed Pocket Devil, and didn’t seem to like it, so I wonder if the new update will make it even better?! Time will only tell, but in the meantime, at least we have some ghoulish screenshots to take a look at!

EyeDip is staying quiet about Pocket Devil’s upcoming update, other than to say it will be “filled with extraordinary weaponry for mass destruction,” and to  share some screenshots:

In addition to the Pocket Devil update and screenshots, Eye Dip has announced something special for Flight Doodle. Players will soon be able to use new skins for their balloons, in addition to a new theme!

If you’re not really sure what either of these games are about, be sure to check out Chris’ review of Pocket Devil as well as my review of Flight Doodle!

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