Get your Galactic Passport to Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Now!

Get your Galactic Passport to Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Now!

Available today, at all major retailers and is the Galactic Passport pack for Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures. While the game itself is free, and for all ages to play, like most free online games, there are the options to purchase items or even expansions. In the Galactic Passport, players will not only get a 90-day premium Jedi Membership, 500 Station Cash,  an exclusive playable race, Togruta, but also exclusive digital content an an AWESOME Yoda bobblehead monitor topper.

Yes, I said it: a Yoda bobblehead monitor topper.

Retailing for just $19.99 for us folks here in North America, the Yoda figurine alone makes this a worthwhile purchase, especially if you are already playing it or your children might be interested in this. Just in time for the Holiday season, parents and gamers can pick their Galactic Passport up at places like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, GameStop, and the aforementioned

Also, later on this month, Clone War Adventures $10.00 Station Cash cards will be available at retailers, making excellent stocking stuffers. Each major retailer will have their own exclusive virtual item sets for players to collect, along with Anakin Skywalker, Commander Cody, or Captain Argyus. Once the cards are redeemed in-game, one exclusive item will be rewarded, and will be the only way to gain access to certain armor and wearable items.

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