No Green Lantern Concept Art Shall Escape My Sight!

No Green Lantern Concept Art Shall Escape My Sight!

We get a mini-tour of Oa in two new pieces of Green Lantern concept art.

Next summer can’t come fast enough. DC Comics is finally putting out a mainstream superhero movie whose name isn’t started with either Super or Bat. And you know what? It looks bad ass. While star Ryan Reynolds still feels kinda weird to me as fearless flier Hal Jordan, everything else revealed about this comic to film so far is pitch perfect. Now, to add to said bad assery, we have two new pieces of art that show the Green Lantern Corps. home planet of Oa. Below you will find out what the central city of Oa will look like, as well as the grave yard for fallen Green Lanterns.

And you know what? Just because I like ya, here’s a picture of Hal Jordan’s vaguely lantern shaped power battery. A vaguely lantern shaped power battery, might I add, that would make a fantastic night light. I’d buy me one of those in a heart beat.

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