Steam Freebies for Extra Life:Winners

Steam Freebies for Extra Life:Winners

About a month ago I set up a contest of sorts to help Chris and Lindsey meet their donation goal for Extra Life.  Now that the gaming marathon is over, it is time to hand out some prizes! 

One quick thing before I head over to to select who wins what; I am not sure what happened, but only 3 people actually put their names in the hat.  So, because there are 4 prizes for three people, I will be leaving Overlord out until the other three titles have been dished out. ( I suppose you could consider it a “Grand Prize”)  So everyone gets something, and one lucky person gets two somethings! ^_^

OK so here are the winners and what they got to take home!

First up is “Cobolatrix“, winning a copy of Zombie Bowl-o-Rama!

Now we have “Nabeelburney“, who has been selected to win the Indie Puzzle Pack, I think you will enjoy it!

And thirdly, we have “Doshere“, who has won a copy of Zombie Bowl-o-Rama!

And now for the big winner!

Cobolatrix” will be taking home the Overlord Complete Pack!  This game is super awesome, so I hope you enjoy it! ^_^

Thanks to all of you who took part.  I will be setting up something like this next year should WoM participate in the Extra Life charity.  Remember, donations are still going on, so if you have a dollar or ten, please help.  100% of the money goes to the hospitals, and if you need to, it can be itemized on your taxes.  Go HERE to donate.

Congrats to all the winners, and with that….I need to get some FOOD!!!

  • Thank you very much guys!

  • allen

    i wish i had money to donate. but i was/am broke. i hope that they do do this next year, i would love to actually take part. and donate if i am able.

    • Austin Alan

      Even a dollar helps. Our team only made it to about 62% of our goal, so anything would help ^_^
      Donations can be made until November 15th, 2010.

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