Review: Classic Car Racing (Steam)

Review: Classic Car Racing (Steam)

Classic cars being pushed to their limit, tearing up roads that look like something James Bond would be driving on!  Perform well, earn cash, and treat your ride to some tasty upgrades.  This is my short and sweet Steam review for Classic Car Racing, the third game in the 1C Racing Pack!

I don’t want to yak your ear off, so here’s the good, the bad, and anything else that needed to be said:


The Good Stuff

Upgrading your car is simple, and unlike a lot of games, you can buy a higher level upgrade without buying it’s lower part first.  Early on this doesn’t help much, but after your car is built up, it makes topping out the next car even easier.  I was kind of a cheater after I built up my first car and could win every time, I just went to low level races and took full advantage of the quick cash!  🙂

The game has a decent selection of courses, and the scenery is fairly varied.  Some areas have places you can use as a short cut as well, if you don’t mind dinging up your car a bit.

I swear I hear “Money Can’t Buy Me Love” in the acoustic melodies.  I don’t know enough classic music to know what these songs really are, but I would imagine they are all low budget renditions of some old favorites.


The Bad Stuff

The car selection screen had some ridiculous load times.  I have a pretty nice PC (much better than the specs for this game), so I don’t usually have to wait for anything.  This makes me feel entitled and impatient, even if it is only 10 seconds to load the graphic of my car. 😛

Along the course you can find tokens to earn extra cash or repair your car.  They can be kind of hard to see at times, I suppose that is the point but I felt the icon could have been slightly bigger, or a brighter color.  Also, they are often placed in such a manner that you will find yourself crashing when making an attempt to collect them.  With a bit of foresight and a little extra map planning, this would have never been an issue.

ONCE AGAIN the menus don’t work well with my game pad, three games so far (this is not hard to do) ……………………………………:(Double Frown Down this time! 🙁


The Other Stuff

This game reminds me a lot of Speed Devils, and Roadsters on Dreamcast.  I can’t really expect too much from a lower budget game, and at least it has play value.  I am not going to say this game is the next Need for Speed(wait…bad reference), but it is pretty good.  If you like arcade racing games like Cruis’n USA, then this game will likely turn your crank.(ah haha, that was an old car pun :P)

<I laugh at my own jokes far too often…>

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