Review: Streets of Moscow (Steam)

Review: Streets of Moscow (Steam)

Don’t you hate it when your girlfriend is abducted by a violent gang and you have to save her and the entire world by retrieving an experimental engine and racing around in custom cars?  Me too!! (that girl really needs some new friends)

This is my final review for the 1C Racing Megapack on Steam: Streets of Moscow.

Due to technical issues I cannot resolve, this review will be shorter than usual.


The Good Stuff

The graphics are one of this titles best features.  The environment is vibrant and often reminded me of the Grand Theft Auto games.  The maps are modeled after a section of the city, and I can really catch the feeling of driving around in Moscow.

The music sounds like Russian Rock/Rap, but it isn’t bad.  The sound effects are fairly nice, from the engine sounds to the thunder crashing, it was all blended well.

The game supports custom modifications.  This can be kind of cool if people create more vehicles, new maps, or even full game mods.  I enjoy all the Source mods out there, so it is nice to see another title allowing for modification.


The Bad Stuff

From the beginning I was frustrated.  I could list everything here, but who wants to read an hour long rant? So, these are the things I couldn’t let slide:

If you can’t read fast, forget about following the story.  The text goes by so fast at times, I maybe get one or two words down and it’s on to it’s next subtitle.(and I read fairly quick)  The in game text and subtitles are also rife with spelling errors and sometimes make no sense at all.  I’m sure there was originally voice acting, but since it seems to be a Russian game, English voice acting must not have been in the budget.

No controller?  It has a setup for steering wheels but nothing for a standard gamepad, nor can I set one up manually.  Even if you have a steering wheel you can’t set up the buttons, you would have to reach for the keyboard to do any of those things.  I managed to tell it that my controller was a steering wheel, but in the end found that it was easier to just use the keyboard…  So I have to use a keyboard and mouse??(yeah, the mouse controls the camera)  RIDICULOUS!!


The Other Stuff

I tried my best to play this game with only my keyboard, but to use digital input where analog is needed, it doesn’t work out too well.  Of what little I did play, I enjoyed most of it.  Cars controlled well, and there was enough variety in them as well.  It is a shame that something so simple as not having a controller ruined this game.  It seemed to have something to offer but unless there is a console release or you own a wheel, I recommend that you steer clear.

<don’t let the screenshots fool you>

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