The Scarecrow Terrifies DC Universe Online

The Scarecrow Terrifies DC Universe Online

You know, I have to wonder why anyone would live in Gotham City. I mean, its filled with guys like Scarecrow who dress up in terrifying costumes and spray you with gas and in general do horrible things to you. Well, DC Universe Online is gonna let you do something to fix that little problem. Fix it by punching it right in its burlap sack face.

As found on SuperHeroHype, DC Universe Online has just revealed the Scarecrow as one of the villains to stalk the night in Gotham City. A rather convenient reveal considering that this weekend is Halloween. As seen there, the Scarecrow’s profile is thus:

In the right hands, Fear can be a weapon…..

Jonathan Crane was a skinny, awkward kid who got bullied often because he reminded people of Ichabod Crane, from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. As he grew older, Crane became obsessed with the essence of fear, hopefully in an effort to conquer his own phobias. This obsession put him on the academic fast track at Gotham University.

But Crane sabotaged his career by using his students as unwilling subjects in his dangerous fear-based experiments. He was dismissed from the university by the board of regents for his unorthodox methods. In an act of revenge, Crane put his knowledge of fear to work, creating a fear gas, dressing himself in straw and sackcloth and adopting the guise of The Scarecrow.

His quest to heighten and instill fear in Gotham has often run afoul of Batman, attempting to root out any anxiety or phobia that would bring him down. But Batman has faced him down countless times and in the process, Crane has become victim to an ironic type of fear, chiropteraphobia…

…Fear of bats.

And if that’s not enough to get you excited, there’s a whole slew of pic showcasing the esteemed Dr. Crane. Check them out below.

DC Universe Online will be released for the PC and PS3 sometime next year.

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