What Other Series Should Be PS3made?

What Other Series Should Be PS3made?

So we’ve recently seen a lot of other popular game series jumping on the bandwagon that God of War started. “Oh! Oh! I want to be all shiny and HD too! Put me in a collectible package that makes it easy for fans to get all of my games in one place!” So far we have Sly Cooper, Team Ico’s works of genius and pretty much every series Ubisoft has. Well, that’s not enough. Not for me. So I’m gonna give you the top ten franchises that deserve the PS3make treatment. Oh, and before you ask, yes, there is a good reason why there are no Xbox games here. Microsoft’s console so far hasn’t done anything like the God of War Collection. When they do, I’ll do one of these for that. But until then…Halo. Halo Halo Halo. Make a Halo Collection. There. Happy? Good. On with the list.


Now I am somewhat dubious about even putting this on the list, as Lara Croft’s PS2 endeavors were…well, somewhat dubious. I mean, do we really want to play Angle of Darkness in HD? However, Legend and Anniversary, while not double D…I mean triple A! They weren’t triple A games. However, they are pretty good and succeed in getting Lara back in shape. Not that I ever really had a problem with her shape. I mean…never…never mind. Just…the two good PS2 Tomb Raider games. In HD. That’d be a huge breast I mean accomplishment! Huge…accomplishment. I…


On to the next game…


To be honest, the only PS2 Final Fantasy I played was Final Fantasy X. But man oh man that game in the early days of the PS2. It set the stage for just how good a PS2 game can look. For me, it just completely wowed me with how good this new generation of games could look. And it was the first Final Fantasy with voice acting. That was super exciting for me. And, despite Tidus being…well, Tidus…I greatly enjoyed the plot of the game. This was one of the games that desperately made me want a PS2. So how great would this be on the PS3? Hell, you could even get Pretty Pretty Dress Me Up…I mean, Final Fantasy X-2, as well as That Game Nobody Apparently Likes…I mean, Final Fantasy XII, along for the ride. But for me, any PS2 Final Fantasy collection would be about seeing my friends in Spira again.

Oh, but they could remove Blitzball. That’d be great for them to do too. Seriously man, screw Blitzball.


So one day a guy working at Square was taking meth while watching classic Disney cartoons. He called in another guy who was eating a bowl of mushrooms and pot leaves covered in Southern Comfort. “Hey!” says the first guy to the second. “We should…we should make a game! Like, a Final Fantasy game! But…but with…” He stops to take more meth at this point. “But with Disney characters in it! And stuff…”

This is the only way I can understand how something so awesome happened. Normal brains couldn’t think of this. Its just that trippy. Okay, so a young boy begins a quest throughout the Disney multiverse, meeting up with Jack Skellington and Ariel and Winnie the Pooh while looking for King Mickey and using Goofy the knight and Donald the sorcerer to destroy evil heartless demons that kidnap the Disney princesses in order to power their wicked plan. Oh, and also, you can use Bambi and the Aladdin Genie was summon attacks. Oh, and also also, Cloud and Sephiroth are in it too, as well as a host of other Final Fantasy characters.

What the hell Square?! What is this?! Its awesome, that’s what it is, and it would totally kick ass if it got an HD makeover.


This is another game series that defined the early PS2 days for me. Never before had I seen something as cool as the opening of the original Devil May Cry. So this sword comes hurtling into Dante’s office and pins him to the wall, and what does this suave bastard do? He just stands up like nothing’s wrong, sword sticking out of his chest. And speaking of cool sword things, he gets pinned to the floor by one later on. Does that stop him? Hell no! He stands up, pulling his body up and over the sword, hilt and all. And then he uses it as a weapon! And speaking of Dante using things as weapons, is there anything cooler than juggling bloody puppets with your guns and then finishing them off with an awesome sword move? No, I didn’t think so. Devil May Cry fans may be upset about the reboot coming out, but an HD collection might make them feel a bit better.


The only reason Resident Evil isn’t higher is exactly the same reason why its this high to begin with. Its not scary anymore. Granted, Resident Evil 4 was the most fun I’ve ever had with the series. It made the controls less tank like, it made the characters more insane and fun (seriously, Napoleonic midgets who mutate into giant lobster monsters?), and it just upped the game to an entirely different level. Unfortunately, that level was in no way scary. The slow controls and more reasonably designed monsters are what made it scary. It was just you against hordes of zombies with only your wits and terrible controls to aid you. So hey, if you’re willing to trade shivers for excellent gameplay, then Resident Evil on the PS2 is for you. And in an HD collection you could throw in Code Veronica X and the online Outbreak games. Imagine online Resident Evil on PS3. That would be some scary stuff. Zombie elephant man. That’s all I’m saying.


Oh sweet lord above does this series scare the crap out of me. This, right here, is why Resident Evil is down one position. Silent Hill is everything a survival horror game should be. It terrifies, not through blood and gore and jump scares, but through atmosphere. I look at Midwich Elementary School or the mall or any of the hospitals that surround Silent Hill and I just do not want to go in there. Dark corridors…things lurking around the next corner…and that music. Akira Yamaoka cannot be praised enough for his scores for this series. The are the ultimate mood setters for a dark and grim journey through the maybe-New-England haunted town. Put these games together. Give them an HD coat of paint. Make them look as beautiful as a game about otherworldly horrors can look.


Let’s move away a bit from dark and horrific, yes? Jak and Daxter. These guys were the first of the PS2 platformer all stars. Jak and his little friend-turned-ottsel Daxter went about collecting various things and beating up hordes of bad guys. Later to be joined by Ratchet, Clank and Sly, these guys were the pioneers of a whole new era of collecting and platform jumping. However, as time went on they got more bad assed. Jak could go all rage mode and the stories got more grimdark. I think that’s why this series never achieved the level of success that Ratchet and Clank did. Well, that and the racing game. It seems Mario is the only one that can do a kart racing game and not suffer for it. Though speaking of other platformer stars…


I unfortunately missed out on all the platforming of the PS2 era. I didn’t play any of the Jak or Sly games, and only did about half of Ratchet and Clank before being distracted by something shiny. So this is partially why these two series are as high up as they are. I want to play them. I want them collected in a convenient little package and lose myself for about a month. Now while Jak and Daxter may have been the pioneers of PS2 platforming, Ratchet and Clank are the undisputed kings. They have beautiful worlds to explore which would look phenomenal in HD. They have wacky side characters and enemies that make the story entertaining as hell. And they also have guns. Lots of guns. Guns are really the main feature of these games. You have guns that zap things. Guns that explode things. Guns that turn things into chickens. Its awesome. Or so I’ve heard. *Sigh…*


Honestly, I’m only putting these games this high because of the GTA legacy. I’ve recently gone back and played GTA III and…it wasn’t as good as I remembered it. Now don’t get me wrong, its still hella fun. Driving around, jackin’ bitches, bangin’ hoes, knockin’ their heads in and takin’ my money, leaving g’s off of words, its all still really fun. But the cracks of age are showing on the game. Shooting is a bitch. Shooting, as you may recall, is one of the things you do a lot in GTA. And the graphics are especially blocky nowadays. But that doesn’t really stop me from cranking the radio up to Chatterbox and cruising around, causing mischief. And the stories and voice acting for the games remains top notch. Its worth it to play through the games just for those. But again, if it weren’t for the fact that GTA changed everything, it might be a few points further down on the list. Ah well. At least your cousin isn’t calling you every five friggin’ minutes asking if you want to see some titties with him. Seriously, Roman, get hit by a bus.


When one says the word Playstation, one has to think of a few games to go along with it. But I can guarantee you that, somewhere near the top of that list of games you think of, there resides Metal Gear. Perhaps no other game series has so intertwined itself with the history of Sony’s consoles. The original Metal Gear Solid game showed us just what the original Playstation was capable of in terms of graphics, gameplay and story. Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty was one of the most hyped titles of the early PS2 library. Though we did feel a bit of a bait and switch when we had to play most of the game as friggin’ Raiden, we forgave and forgot when Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater came a few years later. Adding survival mechanics like needing to eat and changing camouflage to match your surroundings, Snake Eater was the perfect evolution for the sneaking mission concept. It didn’t hurt that it looked beautiful to boot. Of all the game series on the ol’ PS2, Metal Gear is by far the most deserving to be ported to the PS3. Hell, for an added bonus they could even use the Twin Snakes version of Metal Gear Solid that appeared on the GameCube. Now how could anyone possibly say no to that??

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