Zack Snyder To Direct Nolan’s Superman

Zack Snyder To Direct Nolan’s Superman

Deadline is saying that the director for the new Superman movie has been chosen.

Now I dunno if this is true or if it is complete BS. We all know how these things go. But they’re saying that their sources are saying that Zack Snyder is the guy. Now Snyder was on the director’s short list that popped up a few days ago, so there is some credibility to this. Snyder has also directed some big WB movies like 300 and Watchmen. I’ve also heard good things about Legend of the Guardians. Then again, these good things were from a girl who absolutely loves owls. So…we’ll see I guess. Whichever way this goes, I trust Nolan. If he gives even a bit of what he used to make Batman what he is to Superman, this project is golden.
UPDATE: Yup. He’s doing it. Deadline spoke to Snyder who said that as soon as the work on his new film Sucker Punch (which looks trippy and awesome) is done he’ll move right into his Superman duties. So, how do you guys feel about this?

  • I just told this to Chris right now and he goes “Oh good god. Now we’ll get 2 hours of Superman in slow motion.” Hahahaha!

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