DC Universe Online – Game Physics

DC Universe Online – Game Physics

I know you were expecting the Hands-on Impressions today, but I’ve ret-conned the site, and so today we take a look at the physics of the DC Universe Online world. As this is a video game based on comic books, one can hardly expect the physics to conform to real-world standards, so we’re in store for a lot of fun. Once Chris and Jens finished up their world tour, Wes Yanagi took over (I’m glad I didn’t wear my GL shirt, that would have been aaaawkwaaard…) and displayed the game’s physics by jumping into the Smallville alert, where your character, with the assistance of the Justice League, must battle Doomsday.

It starts off a little off-topic with the conversation about combos, but it gets tied in to action/reaction, which leads into the game’s physics demonstration. I can’t wait to start throwing buses. I’ve even got a cool one-liner ready to shout when I do it…”Wouldn’t want you to miss…THE BUS!”

Disclosure: I attended a DC Universe Online event hosted by Sony Online Entertainment. Sony Online Entertainment paid for my flight, hotel and meals in connection with the event.

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