Dead Rising: Case West – The Return of The Camera

Dead Rising: Case West – The Return of The Camera

My name is Frank West. I thought my time in Hell was over. I thought I was done with zombies. Turns out, I was dead wrong.

I’m a photojournalist by trade. I thought I’d been everywhere, seen the worst the world could throw at me. I’ve covered wars, you know? But man… that mall… it was a brand new type of crazy. I thought after barely making it through that I’d never have to go near the stinking, rotting hordes of the living dead again. It seems life has another plan for me.

As evidence that this crisis is far from over, that I’m doing my damnedest to show the world what is really going on, check out these photos I took straight from the battlefield that was once Fortune City. I’m there with Chuck Greene trying to figure out what those bastards at Phenotrans are up to. Yeah, that’s right, I said Chuck Greene. The motorcycle guy. I know, right? Well, the end of the world does make strange bedfellows, and the man wields a mean paddle saw. Yeah, I’ll explain the paddle saw another time. Like I said, brand new type of crazy.

By the way, I got some new glasses. Hey, just because I have to run from the undead doesn’t mean that I can’t look good doing it.

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