DLC: Rock Band 3

DLC: Rock Band 3

When I think of the mother ship of downloadable content, I think of rhythm games. The Rock Band franchise tops that list. Recently, it was the additions of B.B. King, The Bee Gees and Procol Harum. Today, we’ve got a true legend for ya!

MTV Games and Harmonix have announced John Lennon’s album, Imagine, will be added to the Rock Band music store .

As per usual, the DLC will feature five-button guitar and bass parts, drums, Pro Drums and keys, Pro Keys and harmonies, when available. Some songs also feature Pro Guitar and Pro Bass upgrades.

·         “Crippled Inside”
·         “Jealous Guy”
·         “It’s So Hard”
·         “I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama”
·         “Gimme Some Truth”
·         “Oh My Love”
·         “How Do You Sleep?”
·         “How?”
·         “Oh Yoko!” 

The track will be available as either an album for $14.99 on PS3 (1200 MS points or 1500 Wii points) or as individual track for $1.99 on PS3 (200 Wii points or 80 MS points). In addition, the song “How Do You Sleep?”, will be available for Pro Bass and Drums for an addition $0.99 (100 Wii points or 40 MS points).

Get this amazing album on November 23 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii!

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