Donkey Kong Country Returns – And I’m Going Bananas!

Donkey Kong Country Returns – And I’m Going Bananas!

Remember running through the jungle and riding on rhinos? Of course you do. All of our parents were irresponsible enough to let us for hours on end. Now that we’re all grown up, it’s time to do it again!

The big ape and his monkey friend are back and hitting it harder than ever before! Donkey Kong Country Returns hit shelves today (if it isn’t at your stores, they suck and something is wrong with them), striking nostalgia into the hearts of older gamers and curiosity into the younger generations. This new mighty monkey adventure mirrors the original side-scrolling games on the Super Nintendo and introduces them in a new completely 3D environment on the Wii. The game is massive, boasting over 70 levels and impressive motion controls (is anyone else getting tired of motion controls yet?).

The Kong’s bananas have been stolen! Again… But this time it’s a new enemy, mysteriously known as Tiki Tak Tribe. Looks like it’s time for Donkey Kong to get those bananas back and crack a few heads in the process. The game brings back the gameplay we all know and love from the classic games but Diddy Kong really gives enemies a run for their money. Now, the tiny chimp can jump onto Donkey Kong’s back, flying high over head with his jet-packs and shootin’ goons with his gangsta Peanut Popguns. The 64 days really toughened up the little guy. The multiplayer has also been greatly enhanced, enriching your monkey experience by letting both players work cooperatively (just imagine another game for you to go blind with rage at your younger brother for not jumping when you told him to!) to make their way to victory and bananas. Lots and lots of bananas.

Remember the K-O-N-G letters you used to love and hate collecting? Now they do more than shine and make pretty noises. The more you collect, the more you unlock. You can earn all kinds of enhancements to help you throughout various levels and earn the ability to view never before seen concept art. For the younger players, Nintendo’s new Super Guide Feature will give a monkey a helping hand at those tricky and hard to figure out parts.

If you’re a fan of the old games or just looking for something new and exciting to play, Donkey Kong Country Returns is a definite joy. You’ll be lost in the jungle for hours. You can take my word for it.

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