Fluidity to Splash Onto The Wii

Fluidity to Splash Onto The Wii

Humans are already 70% water, and if you’re wondering what you could do if you added 30%, then Fluidity just might have what you want.

Fluidity is a puzzle game for WiiWare which will be released on Dec. 6 for 1,200 Wii points. Players control a blob of water by tilting and twisting the Wii Remote to get by obstacles and solve puzzles.

The game takes place in theĀ Aquaticus, an illustrated encyclopedia. Each level is a chapter of the encyclopedia, full of nefarious challenges and evil minions.

Drown your enemies!

There are cool powers available in the game, like the ability to freeze or boil the water, either making it an ice slab or a gaseous cloud. Players will need to harness all the powers they can to solve the puzzles in each chapter.

The graphics look great and the gameplay sounds fun. Visit Fluidity’s website and watch the trailer to get a better idea of what the game is all about.

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