Its Man Vs. Monkey In Mini-Land Mayhem

Its Man Vs. Monkey In Mini-Land Mayhem

Well, technically I think Donkey Kong is a gorilla, but…you know, whatever. Its a new Mario Vs. Donkey Kong game.

Exclusive to the Nintendo DS, Mini-Land Mayhem has Donkey Kong kidnapping Pauline. Again. You’d think this woman would learn to stay away from monkeys. But since she hasn’t learned yet, and because Mario seems to love girls who are oblivious to obvious danger, he will go through over 200 levels filled with Donkey Kong’s traps, guiding minis through to the exit in order to find precious Pauline. And since this is a DS game, you have some neat stylus controls to utilize. You can place girders, build conveyor belts, set springs and place warp pipes in order to get through the levels. You also get a new Pauline mini to add to your toy box of mini Mario, Princess, Toad and Donkey Kongs.

On top of all that, you get a Construction Zone where you can build your own levels for other players all over the world to experience. Make your friends suffer through your tortuous creations by having them download them via the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. Think that’s enough? Nintendo doesn’t. There’s also a Challenge Mode that has Nintendo issuing challenges to your level building ingenuity.

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! is out now for the Nintendo DS.

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