Kinect Launches Today: Are You Getting One?

Kinect Launches Today: Are You Getting One?

After months of hype, and an aggressive marketing campaign, Kinect is finally here. With it’s main competition being the recently released PlayStation Move, one has to ask: will you be getting Kinect?

Unlike the Move or Nintendo Wii, the Kinect doesn’t require a person to hold any remotes in their hands. It also has a unique feature: voice command. There have been complaints already on how some people might not realize that the Xbox 360 console is required to use the Kinect, how you have to have a really large room in order to avoid bumping into furniture, and that it might not be as accurate as it’s being advertised.

I personally feel that Microsoft has been rather clear about how the Kinect is merely an accessory to enhance the way you can use your 360, rather than it being a standalone product. The Kinect is being bundled with the newer slim consoles after all. With the larger room issue, have people already forgotten about the space needed to play some Wii titles? Wii Fit, one of the titles for the console, not only has a large board, but a lot of space is involved. Same with Just Dance, another massive hit for the console.

Finally, in terms of accuracy, I have no frame of reference to go off of. While I haven’t had a chance to test out the Kinect in person, there have been plenty of live demos at E3 and other large gaming conventions. In fact, I think that the Kinect will be more accurate than the PlayStation Move.

As it stands right now, the Kinect has a more impressive catalog to choose from, and will continue to do so for many months ahead. It also is something different, and not a blatant rip-off of what Nintendo has done and perfected. With the Kinect being one of the hottest items this holiday season, and thanks to all of the crazy marketing Microsoft did, I have a pretty good feeling about it. Only time will tell.

So, are any of you getting Kinect-ed? Feel free to tell us why or why not in a comment below!

  • I am considering it for the kidlets for Yule.. They love their Wii, but this looks like fun..

    • Yeah the Kinect looks like some serious fun. I really want Dance Central badly. You have no idea, haha.

  • automatic_ego

    The problem with the kinect is it requires way too much space than 70% of what people have in their homes. Early review have shown it doesn’t even work less than 7 feet from the sensor. And 2 player only works 9 ft away. So remove everyone who lives in apartments, dorms, or even an ample house. I see a lot of returns and complaints coming Microsofts way. I would never pay 59 dollars for a racing game that you have no control over acceleration and braking. This thing is even more gimmicky than the wii. Sure it may be fun for 19 minutes but I’m sure people will just want a button to press. Ps move has the motion control game in its palm. Mixing amazing accuracy and still having functional buttons.

    • I hear you on the space issue, and that is definitely something to take into consideration. I would want Kinect for games like Dance Central, because I too agree with you in regards to the racing game example you gave. I personally don’t like how the buttons go around the PS Move controller because that is just a little strange, at least to me.

      With any new peripheral, there will be complaints. Is the Kinect technology perfect? Absolutely not. It is, at least according to me, a step towards some other great things that will come our way soon. Kind of like how the Wavebird controller for Gamecube resulted in us having the Wii-motes.

  • till sum great games come out I’ll pass on the kinect and use my old school controller

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