Look To PSN For A Lad Named Arc

Look To PSN For A Lad Named Arc

Old school RPGs are awesome. They just are. If you have any doubt about this, any at all, just look to the PlayStation Network where Arc the Lad II and Arc Arena: Monster Tournament are about to be re-released.

Arc the Lad II is, of course, the sequel to Arc the Lad, also available on the PSN. This sequel, the second of the first two games, is widely considered the best of the series. So, you’ve got that right off the bat. Its the Godfather II of Arc the Lad. The other game available, Arc Arena: Monster Tournament, is somewhat of an expansion for Arc II. It allows players to take their save data and trade items, weapons and monsters, as well as fight other players in tournament matches. Yeah, you’re damn right you want to play the game now. You know you love trading monsters.

“We’re excited to once again be working with Gaijinworks to re-introduce even more classic PlayStation jewels that really stood the test of time. Arc The Lad is a series that deserves plenty of recognition even a decade later. The tactical RPG genre’s addictive nature shines with these games and both of these digital download releases are great examples of the genre’s very best.” said John Greiner, President of MonkeyPaw Games.

Victor Ireland, President of Gaijinworks added, “It’s a pleasure to be working with someone as focused on quality games like John to get this series out on the PSN. Arc II is one of the rare games that actually extended the RPG genre and has been an inspiration for dozens of RPGs since its original release. Fans and fans-to-be are at risk for deserting their families this Thanksgiving once Arc II takes over their lives. It will, of course, be the best Thanksgiving of their lives.”

Arc II and Arc Arena will release November 23 in a bundle for $8.99 or individually, with Arc II being $5.99 and Arc Arena being $3.99. And remember, the original Arc the Lad is right there on the PSN for $5.99. Also, be sure to go to monkeypawgames.com or  www.facebook.com/monkeypawgames to tell these fine people what other series you’d like to see brought over to the western market.


  • Austin

    I have the original CE on Playstation. all three original games and the arena

    these games are perfect, the battle system is simple yet allows for just enough customization in play type.

    rrrr I am gonna have to replay them all now, just to review them 😀

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