Michael Jackson: The Experience – Experience the Glove

Michael Jackson: The Experience – Experience the Glove

Thrilling news, Jackson fans. Ubisoft, in celebration of the launch of Michael Jackson: The Experience, is holding a sweepstakes for a special replica of Michael Jackon’s famous glove called “Experience the Glove”. All but one of these limited replicas will be worn and autographed by select artists, athletes, and celebrities before going up for auction on CharityBuzz.com, with proceeds going to various children’s charities.

The glove left out will go to a lucky fan by way of a Willy Wonka style Golden Ticket sweepstakes. Five “Golden Ticket” entries have been placed in Nintendo Wii copies of the game across the United States, and five entries will be distributed to winners of a drawing on the Michael Jackson: The Experience Facebook page. This puts ten individuals in the running to win the final limited replica Michael Jackson glove.

Another special edition series of gloves has been created, however, and included with select copies of Michael Jackson: The Experience for the Nintendo Wii. They are only available at launch, and the glove and non-glove copies will be set at the same price point ($49.99), so if you want to dance with Michael while sporting his signature glove, you need to act fast. Michael Jackson: The Experience is available on Wii, DS, and PSP today in North America. Pre-orders for Kinect and Move can now be purchased, with a scheduled release of early 2011.

Read the contest rules then head to the Facebook page and enter to win the limited replica!

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