Midweek Madness: Day of Defeat Source

Midweek Madness: Day of Defeat Source

This week’s “Midweek Madness Sale” on Steam is Day of Defeat Source.  The game is 75% off until Thursday at 4PM PDT.  That is ONLY $2.50!

Day of Defeat Source is, as the name implies, a Source Engine remake of the original online shooter.  The game takes place in Europe during World War II.  Choose your side, and one of 6 class types to wage war in intense team based online combat.

I could leave it there, but I have a gift pass to give away.  

If you are interested in a 3 day trial of the game (could make for a fun weekend), let me know in the comments below or join our new group on Steam and leave a comment there.  (CLICK HERE)  I have been offering free games regularly, and when we get enough members we can have some competitions and contests.  So if you have a Steam Account, you should add us and participate.



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