New DLC for Crackdown 2

New DLC for Crackdown 2

Rather recently, Microsoft has announced the details of the new “Deluge” DLC for Crackdown 2! Check it out!

The Deluge co-op game mode will have teams of up to four players battle it out against waves of enemies, while the Capture the Orb game mode will have up to sixteen players compete to score points by, well, capturing the orb! The pack will also include an update for new achievements, awards, vehicles, weapons and more!

In a new DLC twist, the pack will be offered in both a free trial version and a premium version for 560 MS points. The free trial version will include the Capture the Orb game mode and a single-player demo of the Deluge game mode, while the 560 MS point pack will include all features and achievements.

Grab this new DLC later this month on November 16!

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