Nintendo’s Downloadable Explosion!

Nintendo’s Downloadable Explosion!

It’s the week after Thanksgiving and stores are crazy with sales! Grown women are trampling each other just to get to the newest Toy Story 3 dolls. Nintendo has also decided to jump in on the fun and post all kinds of new downloadable games to all of their current systems!It doesn’t matter whether you like playing on a portable system or console, current games or gems from the past, this week Nintendo has got something in store for you!

First up, the handheld consoles. Get ready DSi Owners!

First up is Frenzic. A clever puzzle game that’s easy to learn and fun enough to keep you hooked. You’ll find yourself fighting against the game and yourself as you try to master this tricky challenger. The game is priced at 200 points. The bottom line: If you like puzzle games and you’re looking for something cheap that will take you a while to beat, give Frenzic a try.

Another cheap game at only 200 points is Spot It! Challenge. Strangely enough, it’s also the next new game this week! Spot It! Challenge is all about finding stuff. It’s like hide-and-go-seek in your pocket! There are hundreds of items scattered around ten different puzzles all just waiting to be found. If you tire of playing alone, there’s a mode in the game called “Pass Around Play” which lets you hand your DS between different people to see who can find the most objects and get the best score. If Spot It! sounds familiar, you might have seen or even read the book series that the game is based off of.

The third game this week crosses over consoles. Cave Story is now available for download on the DS for 1000 points and 1200 points for the downloadable WiiWare (there is also a demo available for free). Cave Story is all about you, except you can’t remember who or where you are. As you stumble through a dark cave, you discover a race of bunnies called Mimiga. The Mimiga need your help as their way of life is being threatened by an evil scientist. Personally, I’d go with the DS version.

If you like airports and flight games, Airport Mania: First Flight might be the game for you! If you’ve always loved running from terminal to terminal at the airport and dreamed of landing airplanes on the runway, this is the game for you and at only 500 points! In addition to the usual airport fun, you’ll also have to work on your planning skills so you can coordinate what you have to do with each airplane.

Now, if none of these have sounded that fun to you maybe you’d like to take a change with HB Arcade Disk Golf. It’s just like playing in the park on a sunny Summer day but now you can enjoy the fun of the game indoors and in the middle of Winter! It’s a perfect game for anyone who couldn’t get enough of the Wii Sports series and all around fun for those boring family get togethers. The game is priced at a modest 1000 points.

Now if you can’t stand the thought of all of these newer games, there’s also been a release on the Virtual Console! Magical Drop II from the magical days of the NeoGeo is available for 900 points. This is another puzzle game that involves clowns and balloons.

If none of the games released this week fit your taste, you can always check back again next week. The Nintendo Shop Channel and the DSi Shop are both updated every Monday at 9am. Who knows, you might find that special someone. Er… game.

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