Raving Rabbids Return!

Raving Rabbids Return!

The monkeys got the spotlight this week but the Rabbids are still makin’ a mess! Those crazy Raving Rabbids have got a new adventure for you to enjoy and laugh along with.

The Rabbids are still running amok in the human world but this time, they’re running through time. Ubisoft proudly presented Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time on November 21st for the Nintendo Wii. In this new insane adventure, the Rabbids have invaded a history museum and discovered a Time Washing Machine. They decide that our history is far too boring for their taste and decide to rewrite a few things. I wish they had done it before I finished school. I might have actually passed history class!

In the game, you play as the Rabbids as they break the nose off of the Sphinx and try to interfere with the first moon landing. Parade throughout history and unlock all kinds of funny outfits for your Rabbids to wear. If you get tired of playing by yourself, you can invite your friends and family to join in on the madness. The game has a new and more immersive multiplayer mode with over 25 new mini-games that will have you doing everything from regular platforming to flying in all kinds of intense and comical challenges.

Ubisoft has also added in a leader board so you can measure up against your friends online. This all new psychotic adventure is now on sale and attractively priced at $39.99. A funny, entertaining game with multiplayer for a low price?! You don’t have a reason to at least try it! Pick up a copy today!

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