Resident Evil Is Going Western

Resident Evil Is Going Western

And no, that does not mean zombie cowboys. We have Red Dead Redemption for that, thank you very much. Actually, according to a rumor posted by Kotaku the Resident Evil series is about to be handed off to a western developer. It will also have an even bigger multiplayer component than Resident Evil 5. Yay…

Just like GRIN making Bionic Commando and Blue Castle making Dead Rising 2 and Ninja Theory making Devil May Cry, Capcom might be tapping a western developer to make the next big Resident Evil game. Which one you ask? Kotaku reports that Slant Six, developer of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALS-Confrontation for PS3 has been tapped to make a new multiplayer Resident Evil game code named Resident Evil: Raccoon City.

Now, if I may editorialize for a second, I’m thinking this is true. Capcom seems to love western developers as of late. They also, given Resident Evil 5’s awkward multiplayer component, seem to want people to share in the fun of slaughtering zombies together. So going to a team well versed in multiplayer team firefights sounds like a good idea. Well, except for the fact that multiplayer firefights aren’t freaking scary. Resident Evil is supposed to be survival horror, right Capcom?

Well, anyways, I guess we just wait and see now. Hopefully this will be another Dead Rising 2 and not a Bionic Commando.

  • Austin Alan

    I was disappointed to read that Capcom wants to produce more RE games every year.

    It would be nice if they would take the time to make a really good game/story, rather than trying to pullin the most profit

  • You almost gave me a heart attack right now with that article headline. I seriously thought that I’d have to get all aggro with Capcom, but for the love of God… get rid of the stupid multiplayer idea. It failed on so many levels in RE:5 and I don’t like MP in that kind of a game. It takes away from the fear and seriousness of the situation.

    Going through something like a zombie apocalypse alone adds to it, but to know that there is somebody right there to pick up the slack or help you out of a situation just ruins it for me. They need to go back, learn from RE: 2 and RE: 3 Nemesis and give us something like that again. Gah..

  • Kyle

    You know what would be nice to see from Resident Evil? Horror.

    Remember the last time Resident Evil scared you? Yeah, all the way back in the 90s. Its been that long. Dammit Capcom, Resident Evil is not a team based multiplayer game. We have Left 4 Dead if we want that. Resident Evil is about rationing ammo and hating corners because something could be there. I don’t want to play these games with friends. Friends=less scary.

    I tell you, sometimes I think Capcom has lost their damn minds.

    • RE: 4 had some scary bits in it, as did RE: Zero. Maybe they feel like they have to constantly compete and catch up with everybody. Many times people bitch and complain if a game doesn’t offer online multi-player, but if you really think about it, not every game benefits from that additional feature. Sometimes it actually hurts the game, like in RE: 5’s case.

      I don’t know if you saw but the other day Inafune quit Capcom, and today an interview popped up with him going to town on the Japanese gaming industry and Capcom. Rather interesting:

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