Rock Band 3 Gets New Media

Rock Band 3 Gets New Media

Rock Band 3 will be the recipient of some new track this coming week! Check out the new tracks from B.B. King, the Bee Gees and Procol Harum!

On November 16, Rock Band 3 fans can try their skills on six new tracks from the legendary trio, the Bee Gees. Songs include “Jive Talkin”, “Night Fever”, “Stayin Alive”, “Nights on Broadway”, “Tragedy”, and “You Should Be Dancing” for $1.99USD per song on PS3, 200 points on Wii or 160 MS points. For an additional $0.99USD, players can download the expansion  “Stayin Alive” with Pro Guitar and Pro Bass. Songs will be available for individual download, or you can download the “Bee Gees Pack 01” for $9.99, 800 MS points or 1000 Wii points.

B. B. King will be making his Rock Band debut with the release of “The Thrill is Gone” for the same cost, and will also feature the Pro Guitar and Pro Bass expansion for just $0.99, 100 Wii points, or 80 MS points.

Also making their Rock Band debut is Procol Harum with the release of “A Whiter Shade of Pale”, available at the same cost of $1.99, 160 MS points or 200 Wii points.

As always, songs available for downloadable content for Rock Band 3 feature five-button guitar and bass parts, drums, Pro Drums and keys, Pro Keys and harmonies, where applicable, according to Harmonix and MTV Games.

Check out the new tracks, available November 16, for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii!

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