Steam Weekend Sale: Risen

Steam Weekend Sale: Risen

For some time Risen was gone from the Steam Store, I can’t find a solid reason why.  But a few months back it had returned!  Why does this tidbit matter?  Because for this weekend it is 50% off!

If you haven’t heard of Risen, you are missing out on a great game.  Created by Piranha Bytes, the same developers of the much acclaimed Gothic series, Risen is an open world RPG where many of your actions have consequences. 

Shipwrecked on the island of Faranga, you find yourself caught in the middle of an Inquisition.  Strange things have been happening, and the humans have forbid anyone to leave the island.


These videos can say more than I




With over 60 hours of gameplay for 15 bucks, that is like …..  less than a quarter for every hour of fun!  And there is a sequel in the making, so take advantage of this awesome sale price! ^_^

<I make odd claims with math>

  • allen

    this game sounds like a fun game. wish i could play steam games on my netbook….

  • Austin

    It is still worth buying at this price. It requires less CPU power and RAM than most games, and building a machine that could handle it and more would be less than 500 bucks. even cheaper now that the second generation of DX11 cards are out ^_^

    now is the time to build last years machine 😉

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