The Cowboys And Aliens Trailer Comes In Guns Blazing

The Cowboys And Aliens Trailer Comes In Guns Blazing

Daniel Craig. Harrison Ford. The wild west. Aliens. Cowboys with alien ray gun things. Really, do I have to say anything else to make you want to watch this thing?

This thing looks nuts. Cowboys fighting aliens, being led by James Bond. That just sounds so good as it rolls off the tongue. Based on the 2006 comic of the same name, Cowboys and Aliens is about wild west outlaw Jake Lonergan who wakes up one day in the middle of the desert with a nasty case of amnesia and a weird device shackled to his wrist. Upon returning to town, he discovers that he is a wanted criminal, a man who is especially wanted by the town’s iron fisted ruler Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde. Then aliens attack. You know, like they do. Jake and the Colonel then have to put aside their differences to whup some alien ass. Oh, and also, that thing on Jake’s wrist is an alien weapon.

I think I came up with this movie when I was five and I was under the influence of way too many Pixy Stix. Cowboys and Aliens rides into the sunset July 29, 2011.

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