Top 33 Rock Singers: #33 Perry Farrell

Top 33 Rock Singers: #33 Perry Farrell

Perry Farrell. I know, right? I bet you all didn’t see this one coming, but let me tell you why Perry is #33, and why he should be on more lists.

If some of you are wondering just who in the Hell this guy is, maybe the name Jane’s Addiction rings a bell. No? OK… how about a couple of songs called “Been Caught Stealing” and “Jane Says”? If you’ve listened to the radio at all in your lifetime, odds are you’ve heard those songs.

Sure Perry is a controversial choice, but if you pick up any of the first three Jane’s Addiction albums, you’ll know why. His vocals on “Mountain Song” are absolutely incredible. So incredible that when I tried to sing it on Guitar Hero: World Tour, I threw my voice out. Seriously. Not only can he hit some ridiculous notes, but he has power, range, and in the song “Three Days”, he showed us that he can be gorgeous and melodious.

Last year in May I was able to finally see Jane’s Addiction live, and even though Farrell is in his early 50’s, he was still able to belt the songs out like it was 1985 again and Jane’s had just formed. Sure, he’s a little kooky, and his fashion choices are rather strange, but that’s not why he’s on the list. He’s on my list because I know for a fact that we’ll probably never see a vocalist like Perry Farrell ever again.

Mountain Song – Live from Hammerstein Ballroom 1997

Three Days off of Ritual de lo Habitual

Obvious – Live (early 90’s)

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see who #32 is!

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