Tranquility Coming to the iPad – Zen Puzzle Garden

Tranquility Coming to the iPad – Zen Puzzle Garden

In this fast paced world, sometimes even video games can be stressful. iPad owners rejoice! The de-stressing remedy is here.

Today, Lexaloffle and Pik Pok announced that a remake of Lexaloffle’s calming game, Zen Puzzle Garden, is coming to the iPad! Imagine, you have projects to do at work or school, family issues at home and a doctor appointment coming up in a few days that you aren’t too keen about. That stress builds up and slowly starts to wear on a person. iPad owners now have the perfect escape. Zen Puzzle Garden is simple to understand and extremely easy to play. You control a monk who draws lines in the sand. At first this sounds boring but it’s highly addicting when you start playing. The monk cannot cross the lines he has already drawn and has to work his way around obstacles in the sand. You’ll find yourself planning and thinking out the puzzles with an oddly calm feeling about you. It’s the kind of game you have to play for yourself before you can fully appreciate and understand it.

The game was originally designed for PC and Mac. You can see the original version at Lexaloffle’s website. The upcoming iPad version will feature new graphics, unlockables, and an all new soundtrack composed by Module. The game will also support OpenFeint and GameCenter, so achievement lovers have another reason to play. Zen Puzzle Garden will be available in the App Store this December.

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