Valkyria Chronicles II DLC!

Valkyria Chronicles II DLC!

Valkyria Chronicles II, a tactical roleplaying game about civil war. Sounds like that would be enough eh? Sega doesn’t seem to think so!

On November 22, Sega released a new DLC pack for Valkyria Chronicles II on the PSP. This new pack boasts about it’s 22 new missions that will immerse gamers into an even richer gaming experience. If you haven’t gotten a chance to see the game yet, you can check out an article about the game’s story and a brief trailer here.

Some of the new missions included on the DLC pack include assault missions, intercepting enemy intrusions, escorting VIP’s in the battlefield, fighting enemies stronger than the bosses you’ll find in the main game, and many more surprises.

The DLC pack is available on the PSN Store for $4.99. If you’ve been playing Valkyria Chronicles II and you think it needs some spicing up, the $5 extra would definitely be worth it.

If you haven’t gotten Valkyria Chronicles yet, it is available at retail stores or digital download for $39.99.

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