Video Games & Cheetahs?

Video Games & Cheetahs?

When I think of video games, I certainly do not think of cheetahs. And, I most definitely do not think of saving animals. Apparently when Sony Online Entertainment thinks of one, however, they think of the other!

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has announced the release of Wildlife Refuge, a new Facebook game. In this game you will build a refuge and care for exotic animals. While making an in-game difference however, you will have the opportunity to make a difference in the real world.

Half of all proceeds from the Station Cash players spent on a Baby Cheetah in game will go directly to Cheetah Kids while half of the proceeds from the Station Cash players spent on a Cheetah Statue will go directly to Cheetah Conservation Fund.

  • jonathan

    I refuge to play this. It’s full of cheaters.

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