Zombie Ants!!!!

Zombie Ants!!!!

We all like the stories of mutant viruses, genetic accidents and blood thirsty undead, but what about REAL zombies?!?!  Yeah, they do exist!  See this face? I would not lie to you!  O_O   <SeriousFace<

A Dr David P Hughes, from the University of Exeter, has been researching parasites that can control the mind of their host.  It would seem that ALL animals can be effected by these parasites, his team studies these effects and the history of these creatures evolution.

Currently he has been following a form of fungi known as Ophiocordyceps unilateralis. (Rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?) This fungus infects ants and causes them to leave their colony in search of a place to reproduce. 

When the ant finds a suitable place, it  goes into a kind of  ‘death bite’ – locking it’s jaw upon the major vein of a leaf.  So the ant dies, the spores grow and release to infect other ants, and the cycle continues.

Kind of spooky to think that things like this are out there, makes ya wonder what other effects could be caused by such parasites.  Microscopic organisms that can control the host??  Kind of Resident Evil 4, isn’t it?  O.o 

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<we just might be screwed>

  • I’m ready for the apocalypse!

    • Austin

      LOL, I don’t want ant’s biting me, that’s just creepy

  • allen

    holy crap. thats crazy. i agree i dont want ant’s biting me either. as you said we might just be screwed.

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