Big Changes are Coming!

Big Changes are Coming!

World of Meh has been around for awhile now. Some of you have been with us from our humble beginnings, and many of you have just recently joined us and are only familiar with the current version of the site. On December 27th, which marks the 2 year anniversary of the site, a huge change is coming and we are really excited.

Originally World of Meh was a site for just Chris and myself. It was where we could write about whatever we wanted, and it had no real direction. We wrote about things that are discussed on the site now, but we also wrote about personal moments and random events that happened while we were out and about in town. A major shift occurred around May of this year when everything started to go in a different direction, and shortly after that we brought on our first batch of writers. Everybody from that set is gone, but the team we have now is fantastic and we wouldn’t change a thing. I’m really proud of how we’ve grown.

On the day of our 2 year anniversary, changes will be made to the site. Starting at 8 AM PST we will be down for maintenance, but when we come back (and unfortunately I can’t give you a concrete estimate since we could run into some unforeseen issues), you will get to see the new and improved site. I won’t spoil the surprise but here is what I will tell you:

  • We will no longer be World of Meh. Yes, we are changing the name of the site, but we will still be the same crew, our articles will still be the same, and we will still discuss the same topics as we do now. World of Meh doesn’t fit us anymore, and it is often confused with World of Men (that link is safe to click) which is an entirely different site in itself (btw, don’t Google for World of Men if you’re at work or whatever as it is completely NSFW).
  • The entire design of the site will be changed. We are wanting something more streamlined, cleaner, and something that will give all of you an overall better experience with us. We’re currently working on the design right now so I don’t even know what the finished product will look like. Just know that it will be awesome.
  • We will be having so many giveaways and contests, our heads might explode. What better way to kick off a new name, a new look, and a site anniversary than with prizes? We have a couple boxes already filled with goodies, and we hope to have more for you all.
  • We will also be working on coming out with a podcast for you all, but nothing is set in stone yet. It’s just something we are knocking around.

So those are, at this moment in time, the changes that will be made.┬áBefore I end this post, know that the image used for this article is a hint for what the new name will be. Also, I should probably let you all know right now that our name will not include the word GAME. We are more than just a gaming site, and to have the word GAME in the name will limit us, in terms of what we can write about. And, because I’m feeling so generous, I will leave you with this, another hint:

As we get older, society tries to force us into growing up and becoming what the “standard” of an adult should be. There are many of us out there who buck that trend, whether it’s done consciously or not, and are still avid gamers, comic book fans, figurine collectors, and flat-out nerds. Those hobbies, or passions, are what made us who we are today, and they aren’t things we will easily give up just because the majority of society tells us that those are activities for juveniles.

In a comment below, please feel free to guess what the new name will be, or what some of the new site features will be. Staff members, you already know all of the information, so please don’t give it away and spoil the surprise!

  • I know what the name will be…


    • Austin

      Yes, seems the likely choice, why wouldn’t we want to make the readers hungry? I like beef, I like bacon, why not

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