Dead Rising 2: Case West

Dead Rising 2: Case West

So, if you’re a dedicated reader, like I would hope you are, you’ll remember Kyle’s post about Frank West and his return to Fortune City to meet up with Chuck Greene! Well, if you missed it, and you have no idea what I’m talking about, go read about it, then, come back so we can catch up! In the meantime, for those of you who know all about Dead Rising 2: Case West, please, keep reading as I have some exciting news – both the release date and the cost!

As I said before, Frank West is returning to Fortune City, teaming up with Chuck Greene, and is ready to take on the always shady Phenotrans Facility. And, with new content, new combo weapons, new mission, and new enemies – you can expect Dead Rising 2: Case West to be an epic addition to the Dead Rising 2 story.

Check out both the single-player and co-op modes of Dead Rising 2: Case West on its scheduled release date of December 27 for a mere 800 MS points, or head on over to Unity Blog for up-to-date information of the game! And, if you’re still living under a rock and don’t know anything about the Dead Rising franchise, remember to check out my review of Dead Rising 2!

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