Dexter Season 5 Finale Impressions

Dexter Season 5 Finale Impressions

First off, if you haven’t watched season 5 of Dexter then stop reading. There will be spoilers. Instead, go read the Assassin’s Creed:Brotherhood review or the review for Bakery Story for the iPhone. Savvy mate? Alright, if you have seen then let us continue. Last night was the season finale to Dexter’s fifth season and, in my honest opinion, I found it to be rather disappointing. The entire season was a series of ups and downs for me and at the end, I just didn’t feel the pay off, well, paid off.

Now I knew there was no way they could top the ending to season four. Just no way. But I felt so cheated at the end. I was really hoping Deb would finally find out about her brother. Then, after I began to finally accept the Lumen character, she ditches. The entire season I just had trouble really caring about the whole Lumen story until near the end when she began to work and fall in love with Dexter. I will admit I was heartbroken when Lumen said she had to go and Dexter was breaking down and begging her not to.

I can’t help but think that this season is the middle part of something much more grand. While it may not seem like it at the time given how every thing gets tied up, I think that maybe after season six one will look back at this season and see it differently. Only time will tell.

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