First (Again)!

First (Again)!
Two years ago today, we created World of Meh. Originally intended as a section of the Internet for our rambling stories, passionate discussions, and insane conspiracy theories it took a sudden turn in mid-2010 and started focusing solely on existence as a community site for video games, movies, music, comics, books, and more; something a friend of ours dubbed “Transmedia.” We went from being excited about 1,000 unique visitors per month as an explosion in traffic to being disappointed by 25,000 unique visitors per month as a lull in traffic in a little over half a year.
To celebrate our two year anniversary, the discovery of our Internet identity, and the success of that discovery, we are re-launching with a name that better fits who we are and who we plan to be: Marooners’ Rock.

Everyone grows up; this is how the world works. Just because we grow decrepit and old, however, does not mean we have to forsake the things that make us happy, childish though they may seem. So, though we grow old, we will always remain young at heart, which echoes the themes of Peter Pan.

We’re glad you mentioned Peter Pan, as it provides a wonderful segue into our explanation of Marooners’ Rock. Like the themes of Peter Pan, we will, as we grow ancient, retain our love and passion for the things we held dear in our long lost youth. However, there is more to the concept than simply enjoying what we have always enjoyed and that is excitement in the face of new experiences! This is where our long and winding story finally comes to its point: Marooners’ Rock. Peter Pan’s first genuine thrill came on Marooners’ Rock, where he thought he was going to die. His famous line at this point was, “To die will be an awfully big adventure!” We’re taking that and giving it our own spin: “To geek out will be an awfully big adventure!”

This is the core concept of Marooners’ Rock; we geek out on the things of our past, present, and future. Society and cultural norms be damned!

Many of you will notice that new features are in place, and we hope that you all enjoy them. We went back and forth for weeks coming up with ideas and ways that we could make the site more community oriented.

Our comment system got an overhaul, and there is no need to register for the site anymore. Instead, thanks to Disqus, you can log in with your Facebook account, your Twitter account, and other social media sites making the process much more streamlined and user-friendly.

We’ve done a lot of administrative changes to make things more smooth and functional on the back-end in order to provide a cleaner, more functional site for you as the reader. There’s even a staff page with individual bios mostly written by the staff (see if you can tell which ones aren’t), and there are also links where you can contact the staff should you feel compelled to.

With all of these changes, we’ll be wanting to host weekly giveaways along with weekly community playdates where we can game with the readers and have a lot of fun in the process. Our Facebook Fan Page will be getting an overhaul, and while our Twitter account will just be getting a name and avatar change, it will be more active now so be sure to follow us since we’ll be doing exclusive giveaways through there as well.

There will still be some tweaks and changes as the days and weeks go by, but it will be all aesthetic since the major functionality changes have all been made and implemented.

Today, we will be having a massive contest for our readers to help celebrate the occasion, so be on the lookout for that post with all of the prizes listed along with additional details.

Before wrapping this post up, we’d like to thank all of our readers for coming to our site and thinking that what we have to say is worth their time. What we do is a labor of love, so thank you for wanting to be a part of this journey.

– Marooners’ Rock

  • Congrats on the relaunch! I look forward to visiting the MR constantly.

  • Chris Brown

    Congrats on the relaunch! I look forward to visiting the MR constantly.

  • Lindsey

    Thanks Chris! We’re really excited and are curious about what 2011 has in store for us.

  • Lindsey

    Thanks Chris! We’re really excited and are curious about what 2011 has in store for us.

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